Sleep Shorts Take Two: African Wax Print!

A small break from my Princess Saga to make another pair of sleep shorts – this one from Life Sew Savory. After assembling the patterns, they looked very similar: just some differences in the curve of the back pattern piece.

This is an important stash busting piece for me: I finally went for some of my African Wax Print Fabric. This wasn’t one I picked up the other day in London, I got this at an estate sale back in the US



That picture doesn’t really do the colours justice, apologies. The selvage is a gorgeous orange, and one of my favourite elements of the fabric. So I decided to cut this fabric on the cross grain, and instead of hemming use the selvage edge.

I think it turned out pretty good 🙂


I made a few other adjustments from her pattern:

  • Pockets!
  • I added to the top of the pattern pieces instead of using a separate fabric for the elastic casing
  • Still had some of my 1″ elastic left over, so more of that instead of the width in the pattern
  • French seams (I was on the smaller end of a size range  so I didn’t add anything to the pattern pieces)


A few things I’d do differently:

  • Not use white for those pockets!
  • I messed up adding length somewhere and the back ended up 1cm longer than the front. Given the construction I thought it might not be an issue but I’m not a fan
  • These are a little tighter on me, and this style of pocket is a little awkward. Next time I’d do a cut out and some facing like on a pair of jeans (I’m sure there’s a name for it but you know what I mean)
  • Either wider elastic or smaller ribbon – it was a little touch and go getting that through in places.
  • Overall I’m very happy with how these turned out. Perfect for the continued heatwave!

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